Monday, November 14, 2011

Bukit Lawang Tropical Rain Jungle

Bukit Lawang is famous with the tropical rain jungle, where the jungle still virgin and the most rich of endemic Flora and Fauna. Now days had exist 5000 of wild orang utan where they are some had released by the orang utan rehabilitation center was starting since 1971 begin in Kuta Cane ( Ketambe ) south east of Aceh. There are also some kind of mamalias like monkeys called : Kera ( Long Tailed Macaque ), Kedih ( Thomas Leaf Monkeys ), Beruk ( Pig Tailed Macaque ), Wau-wau ( White Handed Gibon ), Siamang ( Black Gibon ) and vary of amphibians like Lizards,Turtles,Snakes, and many more of faultry likel,Hornbill and Argusianus Pheasent,thousand of butterflies,beatles and kindly of insect. In this jungle commonly seen the beautiful of orchids . Bukit Lawang Tropical Rain Jungle used exploring by the people who involved in the treking activities as jungle recreation .

Green Xplorer invite you to join in this jungle treking programes arranged from one days until seven days of jungle treking.
this treking activities can do and efort by experienced guide who was know the jungle verywell
who does ever intrested of this program activities please choose your guide or book on Us at Green Xplorer Tour & Treking Service in Bukit Lawang or you may book online:

mobile: 085361759583


Trekking one day
25 eu/p
Trekking two days one night
50 eu/p
Trekking three days two nights
75 eu/p

Trekking five days to Kuta Cane
Extra 10 eu for rafting activities
The Group Will be 3 person minimum
125 eu/p
Included: food,drink,tent

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